Komplast, a leading company in the field of extrusion and mold-injection of thermoplastic materials, was born in 2007. The present ownership took over from a well-established activity which had been working in the local market for the past 30 years, in the sector of accessories for the furniture industry. Over time, the challenges of the market and the change of the economic scenarios have led to refine our skills and strategies, till the consolidation of a concrete and well established reality. We have enhanced our manufacturing capacity (with 15 extrusion lines of the last generation and 4 injection machines of various molding capacities). Our staff has reached 25 employees, working 24 hours on 5 days. We have reached foreign countries and markets, bringing our excellence all over the world.

Recently Komplast has incorporated the sister company LINKOM, a trading society operating in hardware for furniture and shower-boxes. Linkom has now become a business line of products related to these areas. Komplast is nowadays a leading company in furnishing, automotive (recreational vehicles), shower enclosures and in the creation of custom projects for the most diverse industry sectors. This merge between the two companies also allowed an improved synergy between our workforce and improved the management of both human and technological resources.

At the heart of our commitment is the customer. In this logic, our group is now able to provide:

  • A good technical advice for the most suitable solution to any exigency;
  • Competitive prices on national, European and extra-European markets;
  • Quality products, the result of our continuous research and investment in the company equipment.

Komplast will be happy to have you among its customers. Try to become part of our world, you won’t be disappointed!